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Ingersoll Rand Air Oil Cooler for R4-R11i Rotary Screw Air Compressors - 24081648

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Part #: 24081648
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Ingersoll Rand 24081648 OEM Air Oil Combination Cooler for R4-R11i, 5hp-15hp Rotary Compressors

This air/oil cooler reduces the operating temperature of both the compressed air and the oil. This helps prevent the compressor from overheating due to high oil temp and also removes a portion of the moisture from the air lines by cooling the air before entering the receiver tank. 24081648 cooler fits the R-series 5hp to 15hp series of rotary screw air compressors manufactured by Ingersoll Rand

This is an OEM part manufactured by Ingersoll Rand. Please contact us if you would like confirmation this part is correct for your air compressor.

If your compressor is overheating on high temperature and your cooler is clean and your oil level is okay, you may need to replace your thermal valve. 22463368 was a common thermal valve used on many of these compressors. Please consult your parts manual or give us a call for confirmation this is correct on your rotary screw air compressor.

This OEM Ingersoll Rand Cooler is used on the following rotary screw air compressors

  • R4i
  • R5.5i
  • R7.5i
  • R11i
  • R4i Total Air System
  • R5.5i Total Air System
  • R7.5i Total Air System
  • R11i Total Air System