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Ingersoll Rand 97018402 OEM Replacement Air Filter Element for T21560V1 / T21 Air Compressors

SKU: 97018402
Part #: 97018402

Replacement Air Filter Element for Ingersoll Rand T21560V1 / T21 Air Compressor – 97018402

This air filter element will fit the Ingersoll Rand T21 reciprocating compressor pump. This was most commonly configured as T21560V1

This is an OEM filter made by Ingersoll Rand

This Ingersoll Rand air filter element should be changed every 1,000 hours or a minimum of once per year. This filter should be changed on a more frequent basis If your compressor is located in a dusty or dirty environment with lots of debris or pollen in the air. Changing the air filter will prolong the life of your compressor by protecting the critical parts on the inside of the compressor. Proactively changing the air filter will also increase your energy efficiency by not restricting the inlet airflow going into the air compressor.

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
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