Ingersoll Rand 7100QX15 15hp Quiet Enclosed Reciprocating Compressor, 50cfm, 460v/3ph No Tank

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Ingersoll Rand 7100QX15 15hp Quiet Enclosed Reciprocating Compressor, 50cfm, 460v/3ph No Tank

The Ingersoll Rand 7100QX15 is a 15hp quiet enclosed reciprocating air compressor that produces 50cfm @ 175psi. This ultra quiet industrial air compressor is enclosed in a noise reducing cabinet that operates at 460v 3 phase power. This is the best quiet air compressor on the market and operates at 67dBA. The 7100QX15 is a basemount compressor without a tank. 

Ingersoll Rand’s 7100QX15 quiet air compressors are mounted inside of an enclosure. The panels are insulated and has internal ducting for the inlet and outlet air. Vibrations from the pump and motor are isolated from the package with vibration isolators. This results in low stresses on the internal components and low vibration of external panels.

The sound package includes a radial fan on the side of the compressor. This fan draws in cooler ambient air from the bottom side of the cabinet. The fan then forces cooling air across the motor and pump. This reduces the heat load, which is then exhausted through the opposite end of the cabinet.

A high air temperature switch (HAT Switch) constantly monitors the internal system temperature. In the event of high air temperatures, the switch automatically shuts down the compressor to prevent damage to the system.

The ultra quiet air compressor package is baseplate mounted and does not include an air receiver tank. This can be paired with a separate receiver tank at your facility.

The heart of this 15hp 2 stage piston air compressor is the pump. Industries have used the Ingersoll Rand 7100 air compressor pump for decades because of its quality and reliability. The 7100 is a 100% cast iron design and does not use aluminum heads or body.

The V-block design improves cooling around the cylinders for longer life and lower operating temperatures. A finned style intercooler connects each cylinder. This reduces the operating temperature of the air between the first stage and second stage of the pump. Reliable stainless steel reed valves optimized for increased volumetric efficiency and precision-balanced overhung crankshaft runs smoothly and quietly.

The deluxe series magnetic motor starter comes pre-installed and is wired to the pressure switch and motor. NEMA 1 Deluxe starters provide full voltage control of electric motors. The NEMA 1 starter enclosure includes a manual reset button, on/off switch, 120 volt control transformer, and overload relays for overload protection. The fused control circuit complies with National Electric Code (UL & CSA approved).

The IR 7100QX15 silent air compressor also includes the below items pre-installed on the compressor:

  • Air cooled aftercooler pre-installed on the back of the beltguard. This cools the air prior to entering the receiver tank, which reduces the moisture content by about 70%.
  • A low oil level shutdown switch installed on the face of the pump. This send a signal to turn off the motor if oil runs low in the pump, preventing the pump from seizing up.

Purchasing the 32305898 startup kit at the same time as the compressor will give you an additional year warranty on the pump. Each start-up kits contains all the parts needed to correctly start up and maintain the compressor for the first year of operation. 32305898 includes All Season Select lubricant, filter elements, MSDS sheet for lubricant, and one proof of warranty decal. The All Season lubricant is specifically formulated to protect and preserve the ingersoll rand t30 air compressor.

Ingersoll Rand 7100QX15 460v/3ph Enclosed 15hp Air Compressor System Features:

  • Noise enclosure that mitigates sound and reduces dust intake
  • Integrated radial fan to reduce operating temperature
  • Durable cast-iron v-shape pump design
  • Ingersoll Rand 7100 T30 two stage pump - 175 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • Finned copper intercooler tube for cooler running temperatures
  • Pre installed and wired magnetic motor starter with on/off switch
  • Pressure switch unloader to prevent starting against head pressure
  • Air cooled aftercooler for moisture reduction
  • Low oil level shutdown switch for pump protection
  • Three Phase 460v power (3 phase compressor)
  • The best quiet piston air compressor on the market!
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
Products specifications
Drive StyleBelt Drive
Dimensions69 x 34.3 x 50.3"H
Sound Level67dBA
Horse Power15
Max Pressure (PSI)175
CFM @ 175 PSI50
ConfigurationBasemount (tankless)
Weight1492 lbs