Ingersoll Rand 7100 Bare 15hp Compressor Pump, T30, 2 Stage with Low oil Switch and Unloaders

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Ingersoll Rand 7100 Bare Compressor Pump with Low Oil Switch for 15 HP Air Compressors

The 7100 bare pump is the most popular Ingersoll Rand 15 horse power air compressor pump on the market. The 100% cast iron frame is designed to support the overhung crankshaft. Cylinders bolt directly to the cast iron frame. Frame is completely sealed yet allows for maximum accessibility. The pistons are precision balanced low pressure aluminum and high pressure cast iron pistons provide smooth operation. There are four piston rings for sealing compression and oil control. The taper faced compression ring and beveled oil scraper ring provide quick seating. Two, three-piece oil control rings maintain proper lubrication on cylinder wall. Precision honing used in conjunction with the ring stack up means low oil carryover.

For additional cooling and longevity, a three piece intercooler is pre-installed on the pump. The intercooler between stages is of finned copper tube construction to provide maximum cooling area. It is located directly in the flywheel to remove the heat of compression between stages. This keeps running temperatures and power needs to a minimum, ensuring high air delivery for horsepower expended. The intercooler is provided with a relief valve to prevent over-pressurization.

This bare piston compressor pump was most commonly used on the Ingersoll Rand 7100E15 15hp reciprocating compressors and the 7100E10 piston compressor.

Note - this pump includes the low oil level shutdown switch and unloaders for constant run operation. A less expensive version of this pump is available without these features, please contact us for more information. The internal Ingersoll Rand part number for this compressor pump is 18002436.

Features and Benefits:

  • Durable 100% cast iron design
  • Easy to repair removable cylinders with 360° radial fins
  • Finned copper intercooler lowers operating temperature, extends pump life, improves efficiency
  • One-piece connecting rod with fewer wearing parts simplifies maintenance
  • Precision-balanced overhung crankshaft runs smoothly and quietly
  • Reliable stainless steel reed valves optimized for increased volumetric efficiency
  • Low oil level switch provides constant protection from running at low oil condition
  • Centrifugal unloader ensures loadless starts for maximum motor and starter protection
  • Simple and reliable splash lubrication eliminates need for oil pump, inexpensive and easy to maintain