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Ingersoll Rand 54633748 OEM 325psi Safety with .125" NPT Threads

SKU: 54633748
Part #: 54633748

Ingersoll Rand OEM 54633748  325psi Safety Valve with 1/8" NPT Threads for Air Cooled Aftercooler

The 54633748 OEM safety valve from Ingersoll Rand is set to release air pressure in the aftercooler and discharge lines if the pressure were to ever reach 325psi or above. This is a common safety valve that was used on several of Ingersoll Rand's reciprocating air compressors. The safety valve was typically installed on the air cooled aftercooler itself. On several of the older model Ingersoll Rand piston compressors the 325 psi safety valve was threaded directly onto the check valve.

The most common premium package IR compressors that use this safety valve are:

  • TS5
  • UP6R-5

**Please note the 325psi safety valve is different than the 150 or 200psi safety valve that was commonly used on receiver tanks. If you are looking for a receiver tank safety valve, please confirm the maximum pressure on your receiver tank and contact us for proper sizing and application.

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS