Ingersoll Rand 48777890 OEM Outlet Saddle Clamp Reducer Drop from 32mm to 20mm Piping

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Part #: 48777890

Ingersoll Rand 48777890 OEM Outlet Saddle Clamp Reducer Drop from 32mm to 20mm Piping

The Ingersoll Rand 48777890 is an OEM saddle clamp reducer outlet used for their SimplAir air compressor piping. This is tied into the 32mm or 1.25" piping header and reduces down to 20mm 3/4" piping. 48777890 is most commonly used for line drops that use a larger diameter header with a smaller diameter piping drop.

A small hole is drilled into the side of the 32mm pipe header and the quick drop fitting clamps around the hole. The clamp is sealed to prevent any air leaks. The drop section is used for the 20mm Simplair piping. This allows for air to exit out of the side of the pipe or off the top, preventing moisture from getting sent directly into your air hose.

Simplair piping has a maximum working pressure of 220psi. These are push fit style connections using nickel plated brass fittings and a high nitrile seal with stainless steel bite ring.

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS