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Ingersoll Rand 47637065001 OEM Minimum Pressure Check Valve for RS11-22i, RS15-22n

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Ingersoll Rand 47637065001 OEM Minimum Pressure Check Valve for RS11-22i, RS15-22n

47637065001 is a minimum pressure check valve for the Ingersoll Rand RS11-22i and RS15-22n rotary screw air compressors. This is an OEM part manufactured by Ingersoll Rand. The MPCV sits on the side of the separator element block. This is a wear item and should be replaced every 8,000 hours or once per year when performing a general preventive maintenance.

This part number may be shown in your manual as item 39446968. This part is not sold separately. Instead you must purchase this item 47637065001 which includes the 39446968 MPCV as well as the required o-ring.

The minimum pressure check valve keeps air pressure inside of the separator tank during the initial startup of the compressor. This helps the oil circulate throughout the compressor on start-up. Once the pressure inside of the oil sump reaches approximately 60psi, the valve will open and let compressed air flow downstream. A properly functioning MPCV will prevent oil carryover into your piping system. This will also prevent high pressure air from your receiver and air piping from re-entering internal compressor components. If air is leaking from the inlet after the compressor has been shut off for a period of time, there is a good chance that this valve failed and is letting high pressure air flow back inside of the compressor.

47637065001 MPCV is used on the following Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors

  • RS11i
  • RS15i
  • RS18i
  • RS22i
  • RS15n
  • RS18n
  • RS22n
  • RS15n TAS
  • RS18n TAS
  • RS22n TAS
  • RS11i TAS
  • RS15i TAS
  • RS18i TAS
  • RS22i TAS