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Ingersoll Rand 47501875001 OEM R11i-125 Replacement V-Belt for 15hp Rotary Screw Compressor

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Ingersoll Rand 47501875001 OEM R11i Replacement V-Belt for 15hp Rotary Screw Compressor

This is an OEM replacement belt for the Ingersoll Rand R11i rotary screw compressors. This belt is designed for use in machines that are geared at 110psi, 125psi or 145psi and is for use in their standard and Total Air System compressors.

The belt on a rotary screw compressor should be inspected every 3 months or 3,000 hours depending on your compressor usage. These should be regularly changed every two years as part of a standard compressor maintenance program. Make sure to tension belt to factory specification based on your specific model and pressure range, refer to the second picture for a tension chart (please note that the deflection force is measured in inch lbs).

There are several different belts designed for use in the R-series compressors from Ingersoll Rand. If you would like confirmation on which item is correct for your compressor, please give our parts department a call.

47501875001 is used on the following Ingersoll Rand compressors:

  • R11i-110
  • R11i-125
  • R11i-145
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
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