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Ingersoll Rand 46821567 Start Up Kit for 2475F14G Kohler Gas Driven Reciprocating Air Compressor

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Ingersoll Rand 46821567 Start Up Kit for 2475F14G Kohler Gas Driven Reciprocating Air Compressor

The Ingersoll Rand 46821567 start up kit is used on the 2475F14G piston air compressors driven by the Kohler CH440 engine. The start-up kits provide everything you need for 2,000 hours of service between change-outs under normal operating conditions. When purchased along with an air compressor or compressor pump, you also receive the added protection of a 2-year extended warranty. 

Performing an annual service using OEM air filters and All Season Select compressor oil is the best way to ensure your compressor stays up and running. This start-up kit includes four liters of All Season Select lubricant that is specially formulated for Ingersoll Rand's T30 line of reciprocating air compressors. Designed to increase efficiency, reduce wear, and prevent carbon buildup in your machine, this fully synthetic, all-temperature lubricant performs up to 4x longer than petroleum-based lubricants. The kit also includes two replacement air filter elements that remove contaminants with 99.9 percent filter efficiency at 10 microns, helping prevent dust, smoke, water, oil, and other harmful contaminants from entering the air compressor. 

46821567 Reciprocating air compressor start-up kit for the 2475F14G includes

  • 4 quarts of All Season Select® lubricant, Ingersoll Rand's synthetic, all-temperature blend designed to increase efficiency, reduce wear and prevent carbon build-up
  • 2 Replacement compressor pump air filter elements
  • Replacement engine air filter element
  • Engine Oil Filter Element
  • Engine Pre-Cleaner
  • 2 quarts of 4-cycle premium engine oil
  • Product sheet
  • Two year extended warranty and decal sheet on air compressor pump (when purchased with a new air compressor).