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Ingersoll Rand 38457008 PSG-7 PolySep Oil Water Separator Replacement Module

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Ingersoll Rand 38457008 OEM Replacement Filter Module for PSG-7 Oil Water Separator

38457008 is a replacement filter module kit for the Ingersoll Rand PSG-7 oil/water separator cartridge. Replacement modules include diffuser pad, separation filter, adsorption module, and pre-adsorption pad. 38457008 includes everything needed to perform a general maintenance on your PSG oil/water separator.

Keeping your separator in good working condition prevents problems and pays you dividends all year long. As part of a good preventative maintenance program, we recommend cleaning out the sediment chamber and replacing the adsorption module at least once a year.

The key to the PolySep Oil Water Separators’ unrivaled performance is our unique, specially coated Zeolite adsorption media. This proprietary filtration media effectively separates and permanently adsorbs virtually all lubricants, including highly emulsified lubricants like polyalkylene glycol, the most difficult lubricants to separate. Competitive systems are typically oversized in hopes to remove the polyglycols from the condensate, but this is still not as effective as using the proper absorption media. PolySep Oil Water Separators provide the broadest range of performance and efficiency including mineral oils, synthetic hydrocarbons, PAO’s, alkylated napthalenes, diesters, polyol esters, and polyalkylene glycols.

This is an OEM part from Ingersoll Rand. Please contact us if you would like confirmation this item will work with your compressed air system.