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Ingersoll Rand 32249302 OEM Gasket Kit for the 242 T30 Compressor Pump

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Part #: 32249302
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32249302 Gasket Kit for the Ingersoll Rand 242 Bare Compressor Pump

The 32249302 gasket kit contains all the parts needed to replace the gaskets on the Ingersoll Rand 242 air compressor pump. Gaskets are included for both the low pressure and high pressure side.

32249302 will work with the bare electric 242 pump, as well as the gasoline driven pumps.

Keeping a gasket kit on hand is known as a T30 "Step Saver Kit". This is a complete set of gaskets that are commonly destroyed when breaking the unit down for service. These gaskets are recommended when replacing valves, rings, or when the pump is leaking from its seals. .

This is an OEM kit manufactured by Ingersoll Rand.