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Ingersoll Rand 32229882 OEM Valve and Gasket Kit for the 7100 Air Compressor Pump

SKU: 32229882
Part #: 32229882
GTIN: 663023061191
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Ingersoll Rand OEM 32229882 Valve and Gasket Kit for the 7100 Pump

The Ingersoll Rand 32229882 valve and gasket kit includes all of the parts needed to replace the valves and top end gaskets on the 7100 compressor pump from Ingersoll Rand. Reed valves and gaskets are included for both the high pressure and low pressure heads.

A valve and gasket kit would be needed if your compressor does not build air pressure. If you hear the safety valve popping on the low pressure cylinder head, this means that your valves are bad and need to be replaced as well. You can also replace the valves proactively to ensure your compressor is running in great condition and the replacement gaskets ensure no oil leaks from the pump heads. An instructional sheet is included that displays how each part goes together.

Reed valves, valve plate gaskets (between the valve plate and cylinders), and head gaskets are all included. Please not that only the reed valves are included in this kit, not the actual valve plates themselves. This kit will work with all 7100 Ingersoll Rand pumps both with and without head unloaders

Item # 32229882 is an OEM part.

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