Ingersoll Rand 2545E10P 10hp 460/3ph Air Compressor, Premium Package, 35cfm, Vertical 120 Gallonn Tank

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Ingersoll Rand 2545E10P 10HP Two Stage Industrial Air Compressor, 120 Gallon Receiver Tank, Premium Package, 460v/3/60hz

The 2545 is one of Ingersoll Rand's most popular reciprocating air compressors. It's designed for heavy shop or industrial use. Ingersoll-Rand Two-Stage electric air compressors provide the quality and performance that are ideal for most applications and users, including: automotive service and body shops; fleet maintenance; machine shops; production and manufacturing lines; construction; wood working shops; dry cleaners; car washes; maintenance/repair shops and farms. This model is designed to operate on 460v three phase power.

The 2545 pump utilizes 100% cast iron cylinders in a v-type configuration. The cylinders are honed for low oil carryover and radial fins on the culinders help remove heat and provide increased cooling. Unlike traditional inline pumps, the 2545 V shape design has a 3piece intercooler made of finned copper to provide maximum cooling area. It is located directly in the flywheel air blast to remove the heat of compression between stages keeping running temperatures and power needs to a minimum, ensuring high air delivery for horsepower expended.

A E-series magnetic motor starter is included and pre-wired to the pressure switch and motor. Starters provide full voltage control of electric motors. They include thermal relays which protect the motor windings from harmful currents and resultant temperature rise caused by overloaded motor, low line voltage or stalled rotor. An on/off switch is also included.

This 2545E10P Ingersoll Rand reciprocating air compressor is their "Premium Package" model. The premium package includes:

  • An air cooled aftercooler pre-installed on the back of the beltguard. An aftercooler lowers package discharge air to within 25°F of ambient temperature. This cools the air prior to entering the receiver tank, which reduces the moisture content by about 70%.
  • Low oil level shutdown switch which will automatically shut off the pump if oil is low. This prevents the pump from seizing up during operation.
  • An automatic timed electric tank drain is installed on the bottom of the receiver tank. An auto drain discharges water from the receiver tank automatically, no longer requiring you to stick your hand under the tank daily to remove moisture.
  • Dual Control/Constant Run - the operator can change the setting on the air compressor to either run in on/off model or constant run. In constant run mode, head unloaders hold the valves shut so the compressor will continually run but will not build air when the upper pressure setpoint is met. This prevents the motor from excessively starting and stopping during operation and lengthens the motor life.

The 2545E10-P 460v is mounted on a 120 gallon horizontal air receiver that is ASME coded and includes a pressure gauge, ball valve and safety relief valve.

Purchasing the 32305898 startup kit at the same time as the compressor will give you an additional year warranty on the pump. Each start-up kits contains all the parts needed to correctly start up and maintain the compressor for the first year of operation. 32305898 includes All Season Select lubricant, filter elements, MSDS sheet for lubricant, and one proof of warranty decal. The All Season lubricant is specifically formulated to protect and preserve the air compressor pump. All Season Select Lubricant can operate up to 2000 hours (under normal operating conditions) between oil changes.

Ingersoll Rand also offers the same compressor in their Value Plus package 2545E10VP 460v for quite a bit less money. Their value plus package does not include a low oil level switch or dual control.

Ingersoll Rand 2545E10-P 460v Features

  • 3 Phase 460v
  • Two stage 175psi air compressor
  • 100% cast-iron pump
  • Splash lubrication for efficient operation and easy serviceability
  • High-efficiency stainless steel valves balanced pistons for maximized efficiency and minimized vibration
  • Oversized industrial-grade bearings for extended pump life
  • Air cooled aftercooler for moisture removal
  • Automatic timed electronic tank drain (requires 110v power, cord included)
  • Dual control and constant run capable
  • Low oil level shutdown switch
Products specifications
Drive Style Belt Drive
Horse Power 10
Max Pressure (PSI) 175
CFM @ 175 PSI 35
Voltage 230/3/60hz
Phase Three
Configuration Horizontal
Tank Size 120 Gallons
Dimensions 44 x 32 x 82
Weight 985 lb