Ingersoll Rand 24121212 Separator Element

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OEM Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand Oil Separator Element for UP6 5-15 and R4-11 – 24121212

This separator element is one of the most popular filters used on several Ingersoll Rand rotary screw compressors. This was extremely common on the below models:

  • UP6-5, UP6-7.5, UP6-10, UP6-15C
  • UP6-5-TAS, UP6-7.5-TAS, UP6-10-TAS, UP6-15C-TAS
  • R4, R5.5, R7.5, R11
  • R4-TAS, R5.5-TAS, R7.5-TAS, R11-TAS
  • IRN 7.5, IRN 11, IRN 7.5-TAS, IRN 11-TAS

This is an OEM part made by Ingersoll Rand. Sometimes this part may be shown in your parts book as 22388045. If your old filter reads part number 22388045, the purchasing this 24121212 separator is correct for your compressor.

Ingersoll Rand recommends replacing the separator element every 2,000 hours or a minimum of once per year depending on your compressors run hours and operating schedule. The separator filter removes oil from the airstream before the air is sent downstream. Proactively changing the separator element will reduce the pressure drop across the sump tank, increasing your energy efficiency and preventing oil from getting into your air dryer or production equipment.

When changing the separator element, it is also recommended to change the compressor oil, oil filter, and air filter element.

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