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Ingersoll Rand 22189013 Replacement Drive Belt For UP6-50PE-125

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Part #: 22189013
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Ingersoll Rand OEM 22189013 Replacement Drive Belt for UP6-50PE-125 Rotary Screw Air Compressors

22189013 is a replacement drive belt for the Ingersoll Rand UP6- 50PE rotary screw compressor geared at 115 and 125psi. This belt will work for the compressors that include the refrigerated air dryer and the non-dryer version. This is an OEM part from Ingersoll Rand. Note that 22189013 is only for the compressors geared at 115psi or 125psi.

When changing the main belt, you typically need to replace the gas spring as well. The gas spring is designed to keep proper tension on the belt and should be changed anytime the belt is changed. The gas spring used on the UP6-50 rotary screw is 22192728.

IR recommends changing the belt every 8,000 hours or every two years, whichever comes first.

When changing this belt, it is also recommended to replace the separator element, oil filter, air filter, and to do a complete coolant change. The most popular part numbers for these items on the UP6-50 compressor were 22203095, 54672654, 54749247, and 92692284, however it is best to confirm with your parts manual as these items may change depending on how your compressor was configured. (link these items)

This is an OEM part manufactured by Ingersoll Rand. Please contact our parts department if you would like confirmation on whether this item will work with your rotary screw compressor

This belt is designed to fit the following air compressors:

  • UP6-50-115
  • UP6-50-125
  • UP6-50-115 with integrated air dryer
  • UP6-50-125 with integrated air dryer
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