Ingersoll Rand 2000 Bare Compressor Pump, 20-25 HP, 175 PSI, Type 30 T30

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Part #: 2000
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Ingersoll Rand 2000 Bare Piston Two Stage Compressor Pump, T30, 20-25 HP, 175PSI

This is an Ingersoll Rand Type 30 model 2000 bare compressor pump. The 2000 is a two-stage (three cylinder) 100% cast iron piston pump. The 2000 bare pump was most commonly used with the Ingersoll Rand 20hp 2000E20 and 2000E25. This was most commonly paired with a 20hp compressor motor but there were several that were also paired with a 25hp motor. This pump can be used on models that have a pilot valve that controls the compressor by running in constant run more or start/stop mode. This pump does include the low oil level shutdown switch.

If instead your compressor pump does not have constant run head unloaders or strictly operates in start/stop mode via the pressure switch, you will want to order the 2545V bare pump. Please contact us if you would like confirmation on which pump is correct for your compressor.

A centrifugal unloader is included with the pump. The centrifugal unloader automatically bleeds the air from intercoolers and cylinders, preventing the compressor from starting against full load. This protects the motor from premature wear.

IR's internal part number for this pump is 20102497. The previous part number was 97337927. If your manual or pump shows either of these item numbers, this would be the correct 2000 compressor pump to purchase.

Features and benefits

  • High quality 100% cast iron design
  • V-shape design with three finned cylinders for increased cooling
  • Finned copper intercooler lowers operating temperature, extends pump life, improves efficiency
  • Reliable stainless steel reed valves optimized for increased volumetric efficiency
  • Simple and reliable splash lubrication eliminates need for oil pump, inexpensive and easy to maintain

This piston compressor pump is a direct replacement for the following IR compressors:

  • 2000E20
  • 2000E25
  • 2000A20
  • 2000A25


  • Maximum PSI - 175
  • Horse Power - 20hp and 25hp
  • Minimum RPM - 550 rpm
  • Maximum RPM - 1000 rpm
  • Belts Required - 2
  • Air Outlet - 1" NPT
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS