Ingersoll Rand 2-MTOII-C1 2hp (2x1HP) Duplex Oil Free Air Compressor 5.4cfm@100psi 200v/3ph 60 Gal

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Ingersoll Rand 2-MTOII-C1 2hp (2x1HP) Duplex Oil Free Air Compressor 5.4cfm@100psi 200v/3ph 60 Gal

The Ingersoll Rand 2-MTOII-C1 is a 2hp duplex oil free air compressor that utilizes two 1hp pumps and motors and is mounted on a 60 gallon horizontal air receiver. This model operates on 200-208v three phase power. The two 1hp motors combine to make a single stage 2hp oil free air compressor that will displace 5.4cfm @ 100psi. 

The 2-MTOII-C1 utilizes two CCE10 oilless air compressor pumps. These pump has a totally dry crankcase – no oil is used inside of the compression chamber. Therefore the risk of compressor lubricants getting downstream into your production is eliminated. The internal piston rings use an exclusive o-ring bumper to prevent axial movement of the guide rings.

This 2hp oil free compressor is mounted on a 60 gallon horizontal receiver tank. The receiver tank includes vibration isolators for underneath it's feet. This eliminates the need for additional dampeners or a spring dampening baseplate.

An alternator is pre-installed and wired with the compressor. The alternator panel allows both compressor motors to operate in response to system air pressure demand. For example, if system pressure dips below the preset lower pressure limit, compressor “A” will automatically start. If pressure rises to the upper set point limit, compressor “A” will shut down. Next time system pressure drops below the preset lower pressure limit, compressor “B” will automatically start. Should system demand require, both compressor units will start automatically to meet and maintain system air pressure demand. 

Since this is an industrial grade three phase oil-free 2hp duplex compressor, two motor starters are pre-installed with the alternator on the outside of the enclosure. These provide full voltage control of the motor. An overload relay is included to protect the motor windings from temperatures rises and motor overloads due to voltage issues.

To further reduce the heat and moisture load, an air cooled aftercooler is pre-installed on the system. The aftercooler on the 2-MTOII-C1 will remove about 60% of the moisture from the air lines. The moisture removed from the airline can then be drained via the receiver tank.

Designed to meet your precise standards in air purity, the oil-less reciprocating air compressors from Ingersoll Rand combine 100% oil-less reciprocating operation with the quality and reliability you expect from Ingersoll Rand. No matter your application, IR's line of oil-less reciprocating air compressors provides the high quality air you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

The internal Ingersoll Rand CCN# for this air compressor is CHDMOB04.

Ingersoll Rand 2-MTOII Duplex Oilless Compressor Design Advantage

  • Long lasting cast iron, hard chrome-plated cylinders. PTFE guide rings prevent the pistons from contact, raising efficiency. Sealed antifriction bearings in the upper and lower connecting rod ends for increased life.
  • Cast iron heads and steel reed valves keep your compressor running cool and offer a longer operating life.
  • Strong ductile iron crankshafts are mounted with sealed anti-friction bearings in a rugged cast iron crankcase.
  • Large aluminum cooling fan and low compressor speeds keep the MTO II crankcase, cylinders and heads running cool, reducing wear and increasing the life of the unit.

Ingersoll Rand 2-MTOII-C1 - 200-208v 3hp Oil Free Air Compressor Features:

  • 100% completely oil free air compressor
  • Duplex air compressor with two 1hp pumps and motors
  • 200-208v three phase main drive motors
  • Pre-installed alternator with motor starters and overload protection: 200-208v three phase
  • Air cooled aftercooler for moisture removal
  • 60 gallon horizontal air receiver
  • Automatic start/stop control/pressure switch operation
  • Designed with serviceability in mind to provide easy access to user-maintained components 
  • Cantilevered crankshaft design provides superior balance and long life.
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
Products specifications
Drive StyleBelt Drive
Dimensions70 x 29 x 43"H
Connection Size3/4" NPT
Aftercooler CTD20ºF
AvailabilityShips From Manufacturer
Horse Power2
Max Pressure (PSI)100
CFM @ 175 PSI5.4
Tank Size60 Gallons
Weight460 lbs