Ingersoll Rand 15T Two Stage Bare Compressor Pump, Type 30, 15HP-20HP

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Ingersoll Rand 15T Two Stage Bare Piston Compressor Pump, 15HP-20HP, T30

The Ingersoll Rand 15T bare compressor pump is commonly paired with the IR 15hp and 20hp air compressor models. This is within their T30 series of models. The 15T utilizes a durable 100% cast iron design with finned cylinders for improved cooling. The V-shape design allows for air to flow around each section of the cylinder walls. This bare pump utilizes two low pressure intake cylinders for maximum airflow. These cylinders and pistons then send the air to a single high pressure cylinder to compress the air to 175psi. This is a two stage pump.

Ingersoll Rand utilizes finned style intercoolers between the two low pressure cylinders and the high pressure cylinder, reducing the operating temperature of the air between the first stage and second stage of the pump. The cast iron fan type flywheel forces a “cyclone” air blast to provide even more cooling for the deep finned cylinders and multi-finned copper tube intercooler. The flywheel is balanced to keep vibration to a minimum. Reliable stainless steel reed valves optimized for increased volumetric efficiency and precision-balanced overhung crankshaft runs smoothly and quietly.

This pump does include the low oil level shutdown switch to prevent the unit from operating when oil level is low.

Technical Details
  • Pressure Rating: 175 PSI
  • CFM (Capacity) with 15hp motor: 53cfm @ 175psi
  • CFM (Capacity) with 20hp motor: 72cfm @ 175psi
  • Air Filter Connection: 1.5" NPT(f)
  • Discharge Connection Size: 1.25" NPT(f)
  • Flywheel Size : 21.25"
  • Weight: 570 lbs.
  • Width: 37.5" from edge of HP cylinder to edge of LP cylinder
  • Depth: 31.2" from edge of flywheel shaft to end of the air filter
  • Height: 31"

This 15T bare pump is a direct pump replacement for the following air compressode models:

  • 15TX15
  • 15TE15
  • 2-15TA15
  • 15TE20
  • 15TA20
  • 2-15TA20