Graco LineLazer IV 3900 Airless Line Striping Sprayer with Auto-Layout, 2-Gun

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Graco LineLazer IV (4) 3900 Airless Line Striper

Complete 2-Gun machine

If you want or need more than a basic parking lot striper this is the airless striping system for you! This is a complete piece of equipment - no extra's to buy in order to get started though there are some great accessories available to make your job easier and/or better such as The LineDriver which turns most Line Lazer's into a riding striping system. Some accessories you can get for free using the Graco Bucks coupon that comes with this unit.

Top of the line in the pavement painting and marking machine industry.

Perfect for medium sized parking lots.

  • Easy to Reach Controls
  • Swivel Front Wheel
  • Electronic Pressure Control
  • Chromex Pump Rod
  • Parking Brake

New Advanced Vibration Reduction System
  • Removes engine vibration, taking line quality to the next level.
  • Up to 60% less vibration at the spray tip.

New Rear Gun Mount

  • Ability to place the guns near the rear axle for applying straighter long lines and smoother curved lines.
  • Better gun visibility, especially on glass bead applications

New Light Weight Gun Holder

  • A full 25% lighter to minimize gun movement caused by rough pavement.
  • Durable, Extruded aluminum design.
  • Spring-assisted cable return for positive gun shut-off.

Can Be Used as a Standard Airless Sprayer

  • Disconnect the gun and use it like any normal hand-held airless gun.
  • Great for painting arrows and other stenciled paint work

Graco's Proven Endurance Piston Pump

  • Piston pumps allow for consistent priming and pumping of even the heaviest materials - without thinning!
  • Long-life V-Max Packings, Chromex Rod and Stainless Steel Cylinder
  • QuickAccess intake valve to easily clean or clear debris
Graco Endurance Pump
Easy-Out Filter

Easy-Out Filter

New Rear Gun Mount

New Rear Gun Mount

New Engine Mount

New Engine Mount


Benefits and Features of the Auto-Layout System:

Less Hassle and Less Fatigue
  • No Bending over to paint the lines
  • Eliminates the strain of reading the tape measure
  • Takes out the hassle of calculating distances and stall sizes

SmartControl Digital Tracking System

Track, Measure, and Control each aspect of your job

Graco LineLazer Auto-Layout digital display
No Pain Layout
  • No more Tape Measures
  • No More Guessing
  • No More calculation errors
  • No Wasted Energy

New Digital Display - The new digital display unit now shows PSI, Miles Per Hour, Mils-Instant Average, Lineal Foot, Gallons, and Mils Total

Graco LineLazer Auto-Layout display and controls

In 1990 Graco introduced LineLazer, the innovative airless line striping system that revolutionized the pavement marking industry. Over the years, the LineLazer family of products has been improved to meet the ever changing needs of the pavement marking industry - each time delivering substantial benefits to the professional striping contractor. LineLazer IV continues the tradition of delivering advancements in user features and performance, creating the best family of stripers yet!

The best in pavement marking technology from the worldwide leader.

Questions? Give us a call! 877-260-4776

M-F 8:00am-5:00pm Pacific Time

Graco has a complete line of high quality professional line striping equipment and accessories.

LineLazer IV 3900 Specifications
Gallons per minute 1.25
Horse Power (Honda) 4.0
Max pressure (psi) 3300
Tip type RAC V
Max tip size (1 gun) 0.036
Max tip size (2 gun) 0.025
Max hose length 300 ft.
Hose connection size
(can be 1/4")
Usage (typical) Daily
Weight 212 lbs
Shipping weight 322 lbs
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California Residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS
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