Graco 24S143 WideTex Accessory Kit Hardened

SKU: 24S143
Part #: 24S143
GTIN: 00755652355144

Graco WideTex Accessory Kit Hardened (24S143)

Graco's new WideTex texture spray tips deliver a wide fan-spray pattern to finish jobs faster. They deliver the most consisten pattern and eliminates the fatigue with circular gun movement.

Ensure a better finish than through using a fluid nozzle alone. Cover your surface more quickly for a finer finish.

Tip: use a disk which is as small as possible relative to the particle size. The smaller the disk, the wider the fan and the finer the finish. Always use in conjunction with the fluid nozzle.

Hardened WideTex™ Tips: twice the service life for the most abrasive materials


  • W4 H
  • W6 H
  • W8 H
  • W10 H
  • W12 H
  • WXL H
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS