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Graco 20A542 GX Cordless Control Board Kit

SKU: 20A542
Part #: 20A542
GTIN: 00769946188912

Graco GX Cordless Control Board Kit (20A542)

This is the Graco control board kit for the GX series cordless airless sprayers. Please check your manual to verify parts fitment, or contact us to confirm parts that work for your specific sprayer. Instructions on removal and installation listed below.

1. Perform Pressure Relief Procedure.
2. Remove battery and press the power switch several times to discharge motor capacitor.
3. Remove Motor Shield.
4. Disconnect motor connectors from control board. Remove 8 and 10 pin connectors first, then blue wire connector, then black wire connector
5. Disconnect ON/OFF switch and pressure switch from control board.
6. Remove screws securing control board to motor shroud.


1. Carefully slide new control board into place on the side of the motor shroud. Secure with screws and torque to 8-10 inch pounds.
2. Re-attach the pressure switch to the control board.
3. Connect the ON/OFF switch to the control board.
4. Reattach motor connectors to control board. Connect black wire connector, then blue wire connector. Connect 8 and 10 pin connectors.
5. Install Motor Shield, torque motor cover screws to 23-27 inch pounds.

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS