Graco 17T543 LazerGuide 2000 Kit for LineLazer ES 1000, 2000

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Part #: 17T543
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Graco 17T543 LazerGuide 2000 Kit for LineLazer ES 1000 and ES2000 Battery Powered Stripers

The LazerGuide 2000 Laser-Guided Layout System ELIMINATES TEDIOUS MANUAL LAYOUT WORK WHILE PRODUCING LASER QUALITY LINES EVERY TIME. This industry-leading technology produces a laser reference line that when paired with the Graco AutoLayout™ II system, eliminates the need for tape measures, string, chalk and a second person—reducing your setup time and cutting labor costs. No more wasting time laying out parking lots with strings, tape measures and chalk—STRIPE PARKING LOTS WITH JUST ONE PERSON.

  • Higher Productivity - Stop wasting time with strings, tape measures, and chalk.
  • Less Labor - One-person parking lot striping.
  • Less Fatigue - No more kneeling down to move string lines or measuring tapes.
  • Simple Operation - Just line it up with the target box and go.
  • Accurate Striping - Straight lines every time — even in windy conditions.

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