Eaton A27CGD25B024 Air Compressor Magnetic Motor Starter for 7.5hp 230v/3ph

SKU: A27CGD25B024
Part #: A27CGD25B024

Eaton A27CGD25B024 Air Compressor Magnetic Motor Starter for 7.5hp on 230v / 3ph Power, 16-24amps

The Eaton A27CGD25B024 is a definite purpose air compressor magnetic motor starter. This is designed for use with air compressors that have a 7.5hp motor and are running on 230v 3phase power. This will not work with single phase air compressors.

A27CGD25B024 is manufactured by Eaton / Cutler Hammer. This includes a pre-installed contactor, coil and overload. The A27CGD25B024 is specifically used on 7.5hp air compressors that are running on 230v 3 phase power. The overload is adjustable between 16 and 24 amps and the contactor range is 15-25amps. Most 7.5hp compressors on 230v/3ph power will fall within this range, however we highly recommend verify the full load amp draw on your compressor motor before ordering. 

A27CGD25B024 does not include an on/off switch. You will want to utilize your pressure switch, breaker, or fusible disconnect to turn the compressor on and off.

Featuring components that meet IEC design and UL horsepower ratings and design standards, Eaton mag starters are UL Recognized and use CSA Certified contactors. No internal starter heaters are required, simply wire this into your pressure switch and motor. Three phase motor starters provide overload protection to electric compressor motors. This is similar to a surge protector for your compressor – a motor starter adsorbs the incoming power before it is sent into your electric motor. This helps to prevent costly damage to the windings from over-currents and temperature increases. A magnetic starter is required for all three phase compressors and any single phase application where there is no overload protection for the motor. Eaton A27 starters are pre-wired from the factory and recommended for all single and three phase applications where magnetic starters can be applied.