D170IT Ingersoll Rand 100cfm High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer, 115V

Part #: D170IT
GTIN: 663023151656
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D170IT Ingersoll Rand 100cfm High Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer, 115V

The Ingersoll Rand D170IT is a 100cfm high temperature refrigerated air dryer. This dryer is most commonly paired with a 20 or 25hp piston air compressor.

Standard refrigerated air dryers are rated for 115F ambient air conditions and are suited for most applications. These innovative High Inlet Temperature models are engineered to accept hot inlet compressed air up to 200°F and cools it to acceptable temperatures. The maximum operating conditions of these dryers make them the perfect match for applications with piston compressors providing high temperature compressed air.

The internal Ingersoll Rand part number for this air dryer is 23231665.

The D170IT is extremely flexible in its installation. It can be installed centrally in the compressed air station and thus treat 100 % of the generated compressed air oil-free, or it can be installed in partial lines or in direct proximity to the compressed air consumer in order to treat directly only the compressed air flow that is required oil-free.

Features and Benefits – D170IT:

  • Easy to install – Small footprint: By eliminating the need of aftercooler, these small-footprint units provide complete, affordable easy to install solutions for applications ranging from dry cleaning to auto body shops, to light processing and manufacturing applications.
  • Integrated solution – Low pressure drop: This integrated solutions simplify dryer installation and the easy accessibility simplifies routine maintenance. Even more important, the pressure drop associated with these dryers is divided by three when comparing to a standard installation.
  • Control panel: Microprocessor to control and adjust dew point, condensate drain interval and duration, high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, anti-freezing system and sensor failure.
  • With maintenance intervals of 24,000 hours and without the need to worry about oil filter or seal failures, users gain low lifecycle costs, quick ROI, and maximum protection.

High inlet temperature dryer includes:

  • Aftercooler to handle inlet temperature up to 200°F.
  • Integrated 1 micron pre filter
  • High efficiency compact heat exchangers and condensate separator's package.
  • Electronic drain valve.
  • Energy saving mode
Products specifications
Flow Rate 100 cfm
Maximum Inlet Temperature 200 F
Max Pressure (PSI) 203 psi
Min ambient temperature 36 F
Voltage 115/1/60hz
Refrigerant R134A
Weight 148 LBS
Dimensions 17 x 23 x 31"H
Connection Size 1" NPT