COXREELS EZ-SD-75-1 Static Discharge Cable Reel with EZ-Coil Safety Rewind, 75' Stainless Steel Cable and Grounding Clamp

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Part #: EZ-SD-75-1

COXREELS EZ-SD-75-1 Static Discharge Cable Reel with EZ-Coil Safety Rewind, 75' Stainless Steel Cable and Grounding Clamp


The EZ-SD-75-1 static discharge cable reel includes a 75' x 3/32" 7 strand x 7 wire stainless steel cable. This includes the Coxreels EZ-Coil safety system that slows the retraction speed by 80%. The cable itself is enclosed in a high visibility orange vinyl cover. A ball stop and 50 amp grounding clamp are also pre-installed on the reel.

The COXREELS EZ-SD-1 Series static discharge reels with stainless steel cables are built heavy duty and designed for long lasting performance. They are specifically designed to be used in combustible environments where the static buildup could ignite a spark and subsequent explosion. Static discharge or grounding reels are commonly paired with fuel hose reels.

COXREELS Safety Series reels featuring the patented EZ-Coil® Rewind Safety System, engineered and developed exclusively by Coxreels, are the only choice for safe spring driven welding reels in the workplace. EZ-Coil® works uni-directionally without any increase to the amount of resistance when pulling out the hose, cord, or cable. But, when engaged upon recoil, it controls the aggressive spring motor energy resulting in a reel that retracts at a safe and steady pace!

How the EZ-COIL Improves Safety:

  • Reduce retraction speed by up to 80%
  • Control hose or cord whip hazard
  • Requires no external power source
  • Enhance operator & workplace safety
  • Keep your workplace organized
  • Utilize space & maximize efficiency
  • Improve hose, cord, & cable management
  • Extend longevity of hose, cord, & cable
  • Increase productivity

Design and Structure:

  • Compact static discharge cable reel available in spring rewind or direct hand crank retraction
  • Commonly paired with fuel reels & used in combustible environment for grounding purposes
  • Guide arm adjusts to wall, floor, vehicle & overhead positions
  • Solid one piece, heavy gauge 1/4" steel base for maximum stability
  • 1" solid steel axle & lubricated precision bearings for smooth rotation
  • Bottom of base is not powder coated to ground reel

Signature Features EZ-SD-75-1:

  • Professional grade heavy duty steel construction
  • Durable proprietary CPC™ powder coat process
  • Rolled edges & ribbed discs provide strength & safety
  • Leading 2-year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • Made in the U.S.A. - Sold & Supported Worldwide

Fields of use and applications:

  • Fuel / Service Trucks
  • Fuel Storage & Dispensing Systems
  • Ground Support
  • Aviation Static Grounding
  • Aviation Refueling
  • Vehicle Refueling
  • Marine / Ship Refuiling / Offshore
  • Oil Refinery

Specifications: EZ-SD-75-1 Stainless Steel Static Discharge Cable and Reel

  • Cable Included? YES
  • Cable Material - Stainless Steel
  • Cable Length: 75'
  • Cable Diameter: 3/32"
  • Cable OD with vinyl cover: 5/32"
  • Dimensions - 4"(W) 15"(H) 14.5"(L)
  • Weight - 31lbs

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS