CompAir CS300 Synthetic Piston Compressor Oil Replacement 1 Gallon K0083531 -A

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CompAir CS300 Synthetic Piston Compressor Oil Replacement 1 Gallon K0083531 -A

Our house blend CompAir CS 300 synthetic piston/reciprocating replacement compressor lubricant is top off compatible with the CompAir K0083531 OEM oil. This is a synthetic oil that is rated to handle higher running temperature and longer run hours compared to conventional CompAir non-synthetic oil. This reciprocating compressor lubricant can be topped off if you are currently using CompAir CS300 oil in your air compressor. It can also be changed out when performing a complete service and filter change (please contact us if you are in need of service parts).

Note that although CS300 was most commonly used in piston compressors, it could also be used in hydrovane rotary compressors if the oil weight and viscostiy is appropriate for the machine. 

This CS 300 equivalent oil is a top quality ISO 100 30 weight reciprocating compressor lubricant. It offers reduced friction, higher temperature thermal stability, reduced metal to metal wear and better demulsibily to protect against rust and corrosion.

Our replacement piston compressor lubricant for the CompAir OEM oil is proudly made in the USA.

CompAir's part number for this lubricant is K0083531 for a 1 gallon container. Our internal part number for this oil is PC100TS-G which will be reflected on your invoice. This is non-OEM oil but 100% top off compatible with OEM