Chicago Pneumatic CPP 150 Oil Water Condensate Separator

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Please consider OWS 180 - Pneumatech Oil Water Separator as an alternative.

Chicago Pneumatic Oil Water Condensate Separator CPP 150

Are you dumping the water condensate from your compressor directly into the ground or down a sewer drain? You are probably breaking the law.

During the compression process, contaminants such as dust particles and water vapor from the atmospheric air are mixed with the hot oil. Therefore the water from your air dryer, filters, and air receiver tank contains trace amounts of oil. In most states it is illegal to send this oil/water mixture down a sewer or into the ground without removing the oil.

Contaminated condensate is considered hazardous waste and should be treated and disposed of as such. Current legislation requires condensate treatment before disposal. Chicago Pneumatic Condensate Separator series (CPP) allows you to minimize your compressed air waste treatment costs and care for the environment all at once.

CPP solution uses a patented multi-stage filtration process that separates contaminants from condensate. The contaminants are trapped in the 1st stage filter (oleophilic filter) and polished in the 2nd stage tower (carbon filter) leaving only clean water to be drained. After the moisture has been through the oil/water separator (CPP), it can legally and safely be disposed of down a standard sewer drain.

The CPP 150 is rated to handle condensate generated by the compressor, dryer, air receiver, and filter(s) that are paired with a compressor rated to 307cfm or less (based on 12hours of operation per day in ~70ºF climate). If you are located in a colder climate, the cfm rating may increase. This is most commonly paired with a compressor around 50-75HP

Need help in sizing an oil/water separator based on your compressed air system? Please give us a call and we can customize a solution to fit your needs.