Chicago Pneumatic CPP 100 Oil Water Condensate Separator

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Chicago Pneumatic Oil Water Condensate Separator – CPP 100

Are you dumping the water condensate from your compressor directly into the ground or down a sewer drain? If so, chances are you are violating the law.

Every air compression process produces condensate containing oil and other contaminants. Also the condensate separated in refrigerant dryers or in cyclone separators contain oil. Collecting and disposing of this polluted condensate is both difficult and extremely costly. Discharging even a small quantity of it into the sewage system is illegal as it causes extensive pollution. Our innovative Chicago Pneumatic CPP Oil-water separators are a simple and environmentally friendly solution to this problem. Separating oil and water through a multistage cascade filtration system results in rinsed water which can be discharged into the sewage system and a limited amount of oil to be disposed of in a specialized center.

CPP solution uses a patented multi-stage filtration process that separates contaminants from condensate. The contaminants are trapped in the 1st stage filter (oleophilic filter) and polished in the 2nd stage tower (carbon filter) leaving only clean water to be drained. After the moisture has been through the oil/water separator (CPP), it can legally and safely be disposed of down a standard sewer drain.

The CPP -100 is rated to handle condensate generated by the compressor, dryer, air receiver, and filter that are paired with a compressor rated to 201cfm or less (based on 12hours of operation per day in ~70ºF climate). This would be appropriately sized for most compressors ranging between 20HP through 40HP.

Need help in sizing an oil/water separator based on your compressed air system? Please give us a call and we would be happy to help.