Chicago Pneumatic OEM 2200 9036 61 6000 Hour Annual Service Kit for Newer Style QRS3 and QRS5.5

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Chicago Pneumatic OEM 2200 9036 61 6000 Hour Annual Service Kit for Newer Style QRS3 and QRS5.5

The 2200 9036 61 service kit will fit most QRS3.0 and QRS5.5 air compressors that were manufactured in 2021 and later. The part number is sometimes shown as 2200903661 and 2200-9036-61

This Chicago Pneumatic and Quincy Compressor service kit contains most of the parts needed to complete a major annual service on your rotary screw air compressor. 2200 9036 61 was specifically designed for compressors that are running more than 5,000 hours per year, or for facilities that have a critical reliance on compressed air. If you are not running more than 4,000 hours per year, the factory still recommends utilizing this kit every 2 years.

The 2200 9036 61 kit includes the following parts:

  • 2901 3568 64 – Thermostatic valve kit and minimum pressure check valve
  • 6211 4726 50 – Oil filter element
  • 6211 4737 50 – Air Filter Element

This service kit does not include oil. Draining the old oil and replenishing is necessary when completing a full service. If oil is needed, Rotair Plus would have originally been shipped with your air compressor. It is also recommended that the belts are changed during this period.

All parts listed above are OEM items. May service kits are aftermarket kits that are not rated to the same specifications as OEM. 

Feel free to contact us if you have questions on service intervals or to confirm which service parts are correct for your compressor. Depending on the date of manufacture there could be 3 different service kits used on these compressors. We highly recommend calling in with your serial number if you are not 100% sure this is correct for your compressor.