Chicago Pneumatic CPX 30 Non Cycling 30cfm Refrigerated Air Dryer, 115v, ¾” NPT 4102005754

Part #: CPX 30
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Chicago Pneumatic CPX 30 Non Cycling 30cfm Refrigerated Air Dryer, 115v, ¾” NPT 4102005754

The Chicago Pneumatic CPX 30 is a 30cfm non cycling refrigerated air dryer. This dryer is most commonly paired with a 7.5hp piston air compressor and is capable of producing a dew point of 38ºF. The internal Chicago Pneumatic part number for this air dryer is 4102005754.

The inlet air of a compressor contains humidity and contaminants like dust, oil, etc. During compression, these contaminants reach a high concentration. This can cause wear and corrosion in your downstream equipment, with potentially costly interruptions in your production, and a reduction in the efficiency and service life of your equipment. By cooling the compressed air, a refrigerant dryer  removes most of the water content. Our CPX range ensures high-quality dry air, increasing efficiency and productivity as well as the life span of your equipment and tools.

The benefits of the CPX 30 is simple: clean and dry air is sent downstream. Dry compressed air will help increase your overall productivity by protecting your downstream equipment against moisture, rust, and corrosion. Clean air also increases the life of your air piping system eliminating leaks and saving you money.

Features and Benefits – CPX 30:

  • Intelligent drain discharge – The full refrigerant dryer range is equipped with a level controlled condensate drain, a range using electronic sensors to discharge only condensate and without wasting any compressed air.
  • Pressure Dew Point Display Indicator -The operation of the CPX dryer is monitored by an electronic controller indicating all relevant information, including: status of the dryer, fan status, dew point inducation, alarm display and service reminder.
  • Cost saving design - The entire range of Chicago Pneumatics CPX air dryers feature long maintenance intervals with reliable components that are simple to maintain.
  • Solid Quality - High reliability was a key driver when developing the CPX dryer range. Their First-class components tested under extreme operating conditions and can provide a constant dewpoint under varying load conditions
California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
Products specifications
Flow Rate30 cfm
Maximum Inlet Temperature131 F
Max Pressure (PSI)232 psi
Min ambient temperature34 F
Drain TypeNo-Loss Automatic Drain
Weight44 LBS
Dimensions14 x 20 x 18"H
Connection Size3/4" NPT