Chicago Pneumatic 8102855845 175cfm Coalescing Oil Removal Inline Air Filter Assembly, 1" NPT

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Chicago Pneumatic (8102855845) Coalescing Oil Removal Inline Air Filter Assembly, 175cfm, 1" NPT

This high efficiency coalescing compressed air inline filter assembly by Chicago Pneumatic is designed to remove dust particles down to .01 micron and will remove oil aerosols and water vapor down to .01 mg/m3. A high efficiency coalescing filter is most commonly installed after a refrigerated air dryer to capture trace oil vapors from getting downstream. It will also act as a last resort filter, capture debris particles and moisture if the air dryer were to fail unexpectedly.

An automatic float drain valve is pre-installed on this filter assembly. This will drain moisture and oil aerosols automatically as contaminants accumulate. Maintenance staff no longer needs to drain the filter manually by unscrewing a pet cock style filter drain. Changing the elements is easy and can be done by simple unscrewing the bowl assembly, pulling out the old filter, and inserting a new filter element into its place.

This inline compressed air filter assembly will filter the air to a ISO 8573-1:2010 air purity class 2 rating.

Atmospheric air contains several impurities such as dust, various forms of hydrocarbons and water in the form of humidity. Once the air is compressed, their concentration is increased. As a result, these contaminants find their way to the compressed air circuit, causing wear and corrosion to the downstream equipment. Chicago Pneumatic air line filters remove these contaminants from the compressed air.

Chicago Pneumatic High quality components

High quality components

  1. Push Fit Elements ensure perfect sealing within the filter housing and assist with easy removal
  2. Corrosion resistant end caps - Injection molded from glass filled nylon for added durability
  3. High quality stainless steel cylinders provide corrosion resistance and deliver strength and stability to the element
  4. Custom engineered hydrophobic & oleophobic borosilicate media specifically developed to deliver consistently low pressure drop, combined with pleated element construction for high dust retention capacity and an increased filtration surface area
  5. Custom outer drainage layer prevents oil carryover and improves coalescence performance
  6. Unique Element end cap color coding system for quick and simple grade identification

Customer Benefits

  • Energy Efficiency: Chicago Pneumatic air line filters are designed to optimize air flow, leading to a reduction in differential pressure and a strong increase in energy efficiency.
  • Reliable Filtration: A unique, in-house design protects your air quality by guaranteeing a reliable and efficient filtration process.
  • Safe Operations: Safety is the most important aspect of your operation process. Features like the single start thread, fixed thread engagement and stop-and-lock indication arrows prevent over-tightening and ensure effective sealing requirements.
  • Undemanding Maintenance: Maintenance becomes extremely easy with the external accessible automatic drains supplied as standard.
  • Flexible Installation: The filters can easily be installed both in new or existing compressed air installations, available in 1/8" to 3" threaded NPT.
  • User-Friendly: The corrosion resistant end caps were color-coded for easy filtration grade differentiation.
Chicago Pneumatic Customer Benefits

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