Chicago Pneumatic 5HP Rotary Screw Air Compressor with Integrated Air Dryer, 3 phase, 60 Gallon Tank Mounted, 18.1 CFM @ 145PSI, QRS 5.5 HPD TM

Part #: QRS 5.5 HPD TM
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Chicago Pneumatic QRS 5.5 HPD TM 5HP Rotary Screw Compressor w/ Dryer, 60 Gallon Tank 18.1 CFM, 3ph

The Chicago Pneumatic QRS 5.5 HPD TM is a 5hp rotary screw air compressor with integrated refrigerated air dryer. This model is mounted on a 60 gallon storage receiver. The QRS 5.5 rotary screw air compressor runs on three phase power and produces 18.1cfm @ 145psi.

Engineered for high performance, efficiency and reliability, the Chicago Pneumatic line of QRS 5.5 HP quiet rotary screw air compressors can meet the compressed air demands of a tire shop, maintenance shop, vehicle body, paint shop or automotive dealership. Quiet by design, the QRS can be installed almost anywhere. With standard mounted receiver tank, the single phase QRS5.0HP is the leading rotary screw compressor for light industrial applications.

The Chicago Pneumatic QRS rotary screw compressors are the ultimate workshop compressor. This compressor is designed to run all day long without needing to shut down for cooling off. This compressor solution is plug and play - since it comes pre-mounted on a 60 gallon air receiver, simply hookup your electrical, connect your piping and you are ready to go!

Maintenance with the QRS5.0 HPD compressor is a breeze since the oil filter and separator are both spin-on filters. The air filter simply pops out for easy insertion of a new filter element. This is also one of the quietest compressors on the market and only displaces 62db(A) when fully loaded - it's designed to operating right on your shop floor, eliminating the need for an expensive compressor room with HVAC controls and noise dampeners.

The motor is a tri-voltage three phase totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) main drive motor. This keeps dust and debris out of the motor windings and controls ensuring a long life. This compressor is designed to run on 208v 230v or 460v three phase power only.

The HPD in the part number signifies that the QRS5.0 comes complete with a high performance air compressor dryer. Purchasing an air compressor that comes complete with an air dryer is common practice, and one benefit to the Chicago Pneumatic QRS5.0 air compressor is that a dryer comes standard. The integrated dryer will help to reduce and eliminate water and rust from accumulating in the tank, and also prevents water from flowing through the pipes and into the finished product.

Chicago Pneumatic rotary screw compressors come with a 1-Year Warranty with the option to extend to a full 5-year warranty

Standard Features

  • Low Sound Enclosure
  • Integrated refrigerated air dryer
  • 150 psig Standard
  • Continuous Operating Capability
  • 3 phase tri-voltage main drive motor
  • 60 gal. ASME/CRN Receiver Tank
Products specifications
Duty Cycle 100% Continuous Duty
Integrated Dryer Yes, Yes
Part Number 4152054803
Horse Power 5
Max Pressure (PSI) 150
CFM @ 150 PSI 18.1
Voltage 208/230/460 / Tri Voltage
Phase Three
Configuration Horizontal
Tank Size 60 Gallons
Dimensions 56L x 24W x 50H
Weight 474 lb