Chicago Pneumatic 1312202700 Two Stage C2 Replacement Air Compressor 7.5-10HP, Cast Iron

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Chicago Pneumatic 1312202700 Two Stage C2 Replacement Air Compressor 7.5-10HP, Cast Iron

The C2 bare compressor pump is a full cast iron reciprocating compressor pump. The internal factory part number for this pump is 1312202700 and may sometimes be shown as 1312-2027-00 or 1312 2027 00. 1312202700  may also be described as a CA2 pump. This pump is a v-style compressor that utilizes 4 pistons, two high pressure and two low pressure.

This pump includes two finned intercoolers and pre-installed air cooled aftercoolers. The intercooler helps remove much of the heat displaced after the air is compressed in the low pressure piston. The aftercooler cools the air prior to entering the receiver for moisture removal. Disc and spring valves are utilized inside of the pump rather than reed or finger valves. Disc valves are more reliable and can be changed without pulling the entire pump apart.

CA2 pump is designed to displace 27cfm when paired with a 7.5hp motor and can displace 35cfm when paired with a 10hp motor.

The flywheel is included with the pump and utilizes two "B" style belt grooves. The flywheel diameter is 18.98". The air outlet from the pump is ¾” NPT female threads.

The C2 bare piston compressor pumps have been used on a wide variety of compressor manufacturers, including Chicago Pneumatic, Atlas Copco, Quincy, BelAir, ABAC, and NAPA air compressors.


  • Weight: 251 lbs
  • HP: Can be used with a 7.5 or 10HP motor
  • Maximum air pressure: 180psi
  • Number of Culinders: 4
  • Belt Groove Type: B
  • RPM @ 7.5HP: 600 RPM
  • RPM @ 10HP: 800 RPM
  • Maximum RPM: 900
  • Number of Compression Stages: 2

The C2 bare pump was used on the following Chicago Pneumatic piston compressors:

  • RCP-C1630G
  • RCPC7581VSC2
  • RCPC7583VSC2
  • RCPC7583VSC24
  • RCPC10123VS
  • RCPC10123VS4
  • RCPC10123HS
  • RCPC10123HS4
  • RCPC7581VC2
  • RCPC7583VC2
  • RCPC7583VC24
  • RCPC10123V
  • RCPC10123V4
  • RCPC10123H
  • RCPC10123H4
  • RCP-C20123D
  • RCP-C20123D4
  • RCP20203D
  • RCP20203D4

The C2 was used on the following BelAir compressors:

  • 6G3HV
  • 6312V
  • 6312H
  • 6312VE
  • 6312HE

1312202700 is used on the following NAPA air compressors

  • 821633GT
  • 82378VAT208
  • 82378VAT
  • 82378VATK
  • 82378VATFF
  • 82378VBT
  • 82378VBTK
  • 82378VBTFF
  • 82378HAT
  • 82378HBT
  • 82379HAT
  • 82379HBT
  • 82308VBT
  • 82308VBTK
  • 82309VBT
  • 82309VBTK
  • 82309VBTFF
  • 822379HAT