Chicago Pneumatic 100hp Gear Drive Rotary Screw Air Compressor CPI 100, 458cfm @ 125psi, 460v

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Chicago Pneumatic 100hp Gear Drive Rotary Screw Air Compressor CPI 100, 458cfm @ 125psi, 460v

The Chicago Pneumatic CPI 100 is a 100hp gear drive rotary screw air compressor. This compressor is rated to displace a maximum of 458cfm at 125psi. This model operates on 460v power. The new CPI range offers you increased performance with the reliability of the Chicago Pneumatic brand. The advanced connectivity and the intuitive controller add intelligence, ease of use and the gathering of insights to your compressor. It will allow you to decrease operating costs and increase productivity based on your situation and needs. The in-house designed compression element, combined with an IE4 efficiency motor, comes with increased performance, lower compression temperature and high reliability. Fit for environments with ambient temperatures of up to 46°C due to superior component design.

New and Updated Features: CPI 100

  • ES4000T Touch microprocessor controller: An intuitive and easy-to-operate control system gives you an insight into the performance of your compressed air system – remotely and at any given moment. Controls the unit by maintaining the pressure between programmable limits. Protects the unit thanks to the programmed shutdown warnings. Maintains the unit thanks to our programmed service time interval meter, informing the customer when service is due.
    • Big, easy to use 4” touch control with a simplified lay-out.
    • The compressor is protected with sensors to immediately alert you when something is wrong
    • Clear overview of all parameters and service intervals
    • Plan maintenance interventions at the right time, guarantee system uptime and eliminate breakdown risks
  • Newly designed airend: The new generation element is designed in-house in Belgium with superior performance and improved capabilities. It has an improved volumetric efficiency and low-pressure losses. The free air delivery is increased up to +4% and power consumption is reduced by up to -3%.
  • Induction Motor: The air-cooled induction motor, with its super premium efficiency, exceeds IE4 levels. This motor has highest possible protection against dust ingress, IP66.
  • Inlet Baffle: The filter mats pre-filter incoming air, ensuring superior air quality. These are highly efficient and low noise. Even more important when operating the compressor close to the point-of-use.
  • Generous and smart cooling system: The separate oil and air cooler is available for high-quality cooling and long lifetime of the coolers. The element outlet temperature is decreased by 5°C. The gliding rails are equipped for easy and safe removal. There is easy access for cleaning and service.
  • Inlet and Oil Filtration: This heavy duty encapsulated air filter with pre-dust separation to extends the lifetime. The high-quality filtration maximizes air quality and protects the compression element. The inlet filter has 4000h lifetime as standard. This in-house casted oil separator vessel with integrated minimum pressure valve (MPV) eliminates the risk of leakage. It is designed for optimal oil separation and low oil carry over.

The internal Chicago Pnuematic part number for this item is 8153339642.


Products specifications
Duty Cycle 100% Continuous Duty
Voltage Frequency 60Hz
Phase Three, Three
Voltage 460/3/60hz
Connection Size 2.5" NPT
Sound Level 72dBA
Configuration Basemount (tankless)
CFM Range 300-499
Drive Style Gear Drive
Availability Ships From Manufacturer
CFM @ 125 PSI 479
Horse Power 100
Max Pressure (PSI) 125
Dimensions 73.6 x 48.1 x 71"H
Weight 2621 lbs