Chicago Pneumatic .01 micron 295 CFM Inline Replacement Coalescing Filter Element

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Chicago Pneumatic OEM 2258 2932 06 Coalescing Oil Removal Filter Element .01 micron 295 CFM

2258 2932 06 is a replacement coalescing oil removal inline filter element for the Chicago Pneumatic 105cfm filter housing. This part number is sometimes listed as 2258293206 or 2258-2932-06. If your filter housing states C 295, D 295, TF PF 6 C HE or TF PF 6 D HE, this will be the correct replacement filter.

The actual part number stamped on the bottom of your old filter element may be shown as 1629 0544 06. If so, purchasing 2258 2932 06 is the correct item. Your housing may also state to use element replacement kit part # 2258290128. 2258290128 supersedes to this item number 2258 2932 06.

This item includes the internal replacement element with o-rings on the stem, an additional drain o-ring, and a replacement o-ring that goes around the filter housing to create a leak free seal. The factory recommends changing this filter out a minimum of once per year or every 4,000 operating hours, whichever occurs first. Replacing the element will ensure all dust is removed down to .01 micron and all oil is removed down to .01 ppm (parts per million). By proactively changing the internal element, you will decrease the pressure drop going across the filter, therefore increasing your energy efficiency.

This is an OEM part made by Chicago Pneumatic and Pneumatech. This filter element was also used on several Atlas Copco and Quincy products. Please contact our parts department if you would like verification on which item is correct for your filter.

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