Belair TP30E OEM Replacement 3 Micron Filter Element for FT30P-IB Compressor Filter

Part #: TP30

BelAir TP30E OEM 3 Micron FT Series Replacement Filter Element for FT30P-IB

The TP30 is a 3 micron Grade P filter element often used to remove dust and debris particles down to 3 micron. This will also act as a water filter removing bulk liquids from the airstream. The TP30 is most commonly installed before a refrigerated air dryer.

This is often used used on the outlet outlet of an air compressor or as a pre-filtration for a higher grade filter. Installing proper filtration will ensure your piping system is free from debris, leaks, corrosion and will protect sensitive downstream equipment.

This is an OEM filter manufactured by BelAir Technologies. The TP30 replacement element sits inside of the FT30P-IB filter housing and is rated to 30cfm. Sometimes this part is shown as TP30E

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