Belair FT Series Filter Element TX125, .01 Micron

SKU: TX125
Part #: TX125

Bel-Air TX125 OEM 1 Micron FT Series Replacement Filter Element for FT125X-IG Filter Housings

The TX125 .01 micron grade X filter element is for high efficiency coalescing oil removal after a refrigerated air compressor dryer. upstream of a dessicant dryer. There is a maximum carry over of 0.01ppm.

This is most commonly used for the protection of control systems, pneumatic conveyance, paint equipment and as a pre-filter for absorption dryer.

This element was used on the inside of the FT125X-IG inline compressor filter rated to 125cfm. Sometimes this element is shown as TX125E

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
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Belair FT Series Filter Element TS125, 1 Micron