BEKO RA HT 150 DRYPOINT 150cfm High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer, 115v, 4050463

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BEKO RA HT 150 DRYPOINT 150cfm High Inlet Temperature Refrigerated Air Dryer, 115v, 4050463

The BEKO RA HT 150 is a 150cfm high temperature refrigerated air dryer. This dryer is most commonly paired with a 30hp piston air compressor. This high temperature compressed air dryer will produce a dew point of 50ºF. The well thought out and sophisticated, flow-optimized design ensures low-resistance flow for compressed air. The refrigeration compressor technology also ensures low energy consumption with very stable pressure dew point.

A high temperature refrigerated air dryer is ideal for compressed air system where the dryer needs to sit directly next to the air compressor or for piston compressors that do not have an integrated aftercooler to cool the compressed air prior to it being sent into your air treatment.

The internal BEKO part number for this air dryer is 4050463.

Features and Benefits – RA HT 150:

  • DMC14 Microprocessor Controller – The BEKO DMC14 controls the main operation of the air dryer. This displays all pertinent information related to the air dryer, including the dew point and warnings. The DMC14 is also equipped with a dry contact (potential free) to display failure and/or alarm conditions
  • Integrated Pre Filter– Low pressure drop - Positioned at the outlet of the aftercooler, the filter assures a good air cleanliness level by removing dust and debris particles from the airstream. This helps to protect the condenser from damage and also prevents debris from clogging the drain.
  • Maintenance Friendly Design - The entire range features an open frame that provides easy access to all components
  • Energy Saving Technology - Oversized condensers and smaller high performance compressor maximize energy savings

DRYPOINT® RA HT high inlet temperature refrigerated dryers include:

  • Air cooled aftercooler to reduce the temperature of the compressed air
  • Integrated 1 micron pre filter (no additional filtration is required between the compressor and air dryer)
  • Outlet pressure dew point: Class 6 in accordance with ISO 8573-1:2010
  • Pre-installed automatic water drain valve
Products specifications
Flow Rate 150 cfm
Maximum Inlet Temperature 210 F
Max Pressure (PSI) 200 psi
Min ambient temperature 34 F
Voltage 115/1/60hz
Refrigerant R134A
Weight 146 LBS
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 49"H
Connection Size 1.25" NPT