BEKO QWIK-PURE iCS 550 High Efficiency Oil Water Separator with Intelligent Control, 550cfm, 4058816

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BEKO QWIK-PURE iCS 550 Oil Water Separator with Intelligent Control, 550cfm, 4058816

The BEKO QwikPure iCS 550 is an adaptive oil/water separator rated to handle up to 550cfm from your compressor. BEKO's iCS 550 oil water separator is the worlds first air compressor condensate separator that includes a network compatible controller, universal service parts, and a modular design that can be expanded with growth over time.

Conventional oil-water separators work according to the gravity principle and the condensate seeps through the filter medium. With the iCS QWIK-PUREĀ®, condensate is actively forced through the pre-filter and main filter with light blasts of compressed air. During this process, the cartridge is permanently filled with liquid. This means that nothing can dry out and form impermeable boundary layers.

Thanks to the hermetically sealed design, neither users nor service personnel come into contact with the substances absorbed inside. Everything that has been retained in the pre-filter and main filter reliably remains here and does not contaminate people in the vicinity or the discharged treated condensate.

The integrated FRC control reliably indicates the current remaining capacity of the cartridges, monitors the system and automatically controls condensate separation. This means that even temporarily increased amounts of condensate can be safely processed. And if there are problems, measures are initiated independently or an alarm is triggered. In this case or in the event of a power failure, the QWIK-PURE continues to operate in fail-safe mode like a conventional gravity separator.

The iCS 550 allows higher-level controllers to be connected to a local building network. All relevant data, such as the number of discharges or the remaining capacity still available, are provided via two different interfaces: Alarm indications and other important information. The user can read out this information via MODBUS RS485 or the WLAN interface. This way, you can also obtain a remote indication of whether maintenance will be required soon.

Thanks to its modular design, the QWIK-PURE simply grows with the user - with just a few simple steps, it can be adapted to meet both higher and reduced requirements. This not only creates confidence when taking decisions, but also makes it very easy to create additional safety reserves or to adapt the service intervals to other service activities.

Features and Benefits of BEKO's QwikPure iCS Oil Water Separators:

  • Intelligent Control: The FRC intelligent control provides a clear and concise residual capacity display. It automatically monitors condensate flow with compressed air surges to ensure efficient and reliable performance. The unit also provides status information for service intervals to facilitate maintenance.
  • Building Network Connectivity: Network capability (Modbus) allows the system to be monitored remotely from the control room, facilitating monitoring and maintenance.
  • Modular design: Each QWIK-PURE model can be easily expanded or scaled down according to current needs. This creates decision-making reliability and additional safety. And because exactly the same cartridge is used in all models, procurement and stock-keeping become even easier.
  • Container Base Plate: The robust base plate takes up little space and can be extended if required. The base plate provides stability for the oil water separator and locks in the cartridges.
  • Universal cartridges: The quick and easy cartridge change enables efficient maintenance of the system without having to perform time-consuming cleaning work. No tools are required for clean and hygienic cartridge changes, and the maximum weight in the saturated state is always less than 56lbs
  •  Environmentally Safe: QWIK-PURE cartridges are hermetically sealed and are safe for sanitary landfills because the oil is securely trapped in the adsorption material, and sealed.

Technical Specifications: iCS 550

  • Number of filter cartridges: 1
  • Maximum condensate flow rate: 5.02 gallons/hour
  • Oil concentration at discharge port: 10ppm
  • Weight when empty: 35.3 lbs
  • Dimensions: 30" x 22" x 59" H

The internal BEKO part number for the iCS550 is 4058816

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS