Beko METPOINT® DPMc Compact Compressed Air Dew Point Meter with Display - 4032656

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Beko METPOINT® DPMc Compact Compressed Air Dew Point Meter and Display - 4032656

Sensor technology from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES enables you to accurately measure all relevant parameters at critical control points in your compressed air system. This information is indispensable for operators who want to improve the quality of their compressed air while saving energy and costs. The METPOINT® DPM indicates whether components are working properly, and provides the basic data for the optimisation of your plant. The METPOINT® DPM therefore serves not only as a safety device in your process chain, it also helps you improve the efficiency of your production.

The dew point meter connects directly into a piping system to measure the relative humidity/moisture content of the compressed air. It requires 115v power to operate and has a measurement range between -4ºF and 86ºF. Since the display is self contained with the sensor and measuring chamber, you simply need to connect this into your piping system and connect your 110v power.

The DPMc air compressor dew point meter includes the BEKO UD01 display, SD11 pressure dew point sensor and the measurement chamber. The internal BEKO part number for the DPMc is 4032656.

Features and Benefits

  • Determines the dew point of your compressed air by measuring the relative humidity and temperature
  • Provides information regarding faulty components
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Self-contained pressure dew point sensor and single value display