BEKO MDp 4 DRYPOINT Premium Membrane Air Dryer with Integrated Pre Filter, 4.18cfm

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Part #: MDp 4

BEKO MDp 4 DRYPOINT Premium Membrane Air Dryer with Integrated Pre Filter, 4.18cfm

Compact, reliable and without need for external power: Membrane dryers use highly selective membranes to dry the compressed air. They are able to achieve pressure dew points between +15 and -40 °C and are therefore widely used for a wide range of application. In particular for operation under changing ambient conditions. The integrated nanofilter guarantees efficient filtration and protects the membranes.

Perfect for end use applications where clean dry air is a necessity. The MDp 4 membrane air dryer is adaptable to various ambient conditions. The DRYPOINTM intelligence is a drying system that guarantees a constant degree of drying even under fluctuating operating conditions. The sensor integrated into the control unit responds to changes in the operating pressure, the pressure dew point at the inlet and fluctuations in the compressed air demand. The display and control elements of the unit are integrated into the control panel. The control panel shows the current operating mode as well as the set degree of drying. A change of the operating mode or the degree of drying is possible at any time during continuous operation.

A membrane style air dryer acts as a dew point suppression style dryer, which will lower the dew point of the compressed air by approximately 30ºF depending on inlet conditions.

The integrated nanofilter element prevents the ingress of aerosols and solid particles. This is enclosed in a screw-in filter housing (housing extension) and installed directly in front of the hollow-fiber membranes.

The internal BEKO part number for this membrane air dryer is 4011795


  • Reliable drying with partial vapor pressure compensation by diffusion in combination with highly selective membranes
  • Compact design and extra efficiency thanks to TWIST60 winding technology
  • Integrated nanofilter for maximum safety
  • No effect on compressed air composition – suitable for breathing air applications
  • Trusted technology from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES


  • Achieves required pressure dew point with minimum energy input
  • Dry compressed air available without delay
  • Filtration and drying combined in a single housing


  • Housing made in sea water resistant aluminum
  • Low-maintenance technology, no need for power supply

Designed for system integration

  • Designed for installation anywhere along compressed air treatment chain, or for integration into plant technology

BEKO MDp4 Standard Features

  • No moving parts, reliable even in mobile applications
  • Can be installed point of use for critical machinery
  • No power or electricity is required
  • Integrated pre-filters reduces installation time
  • Achieves dew point within 10 minutes or less
  • A quiet, non-nuisance solution for ultra-dry air
Products specifications
Connection Size1/4" NPT
Dimensions12.40" x 1.81" x 1.1"
Weight1.8 lbs
CFM @ 100 PSI4.18
Max Pressure (PSI)140
Maximum Inlet Temperature130 F
Min ambient temperature34 °F
CFM Range1-12