BEKO MDi 12 DRYPOINT ecoIntelligent Series Membrane Dryer with Pre-Filtration, MDi 12, 12.55cfm

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BEKO MDi 12 DRYPOINT ecoIntelligent Series Membrane Dryer with Pre-Filtration, 12.55cfm

The BEKO The DRYPOINT MDi is the only dryer in the world that offers users the ability to select their desired outlet pressure dew point. The DRYPOINT® MDi 12 intelligence drying system with integrated nanofilter and pressure dew point control is designed for the removal of aerosols and particles from compressed air and subsequent downstream drying of the air, based on customer settings

Perfect for end use applications where clean dry air is a necessity. The MDi membrane air dryers are adaptable to various ambient conditions

The DRYPOINTM intelligence is a drying system that guarantees a constant degree of drying even under fluctuating operating conditions. The sensor integrated into the control unit responds to changes in the operating pressure, the pressure dew point at the inlet and fluctuations in the compressed air demand. The display and control elements of the unit are integrated into the control panel. The control panel shows the current operating mode as well as the set degree of drying. A change of the operating mode or the degree of drying is possible at any time during continuous operation.

The MDi ecointelligen series includes an integrated .01 micron pre-filter. This removes trace dust particles and oil vapors from the air prior to it passing through the membrane fibers. The internal BEKO part number for the MDi 12 air dryer is 4040184. This air dryer is rated to handle an inlet flow rate of 12.55cfm

The MDi12 membrane style air dryer acts as a dew point suppression style dryer, which will lower the dew point of the compressed air by approximately 30ºF depending on inlet conditions.

Membrane air dryers are a type of dryer that use permeable fiber technology and the process of de-humidification to dry compressed air streams to the required dew point of an application. Unlike standard refrigerated dryers, membrane dryers act as a dewpoint suppression. They take the incoming dew point and lower it by a certain percentage depending on the inlet air conditions. A small amount of purge air is used in the drying process which is then released into the atmosphere.

If pressure dew point control is your main concern, the DRYPOINT ® M eco control is your best option, as it bridges the gap between refrigeration and adsorption dryers. Depending on your application, you might need to keep the pressure dew point at a specific value, or maintain a constant temperature difference to the compressed air temperature. That is why the DRYPOINT ® M eco control can be run in two modes: ‘Constant Mode’ and ‘Dynamic Mode’. The operating mode or the application-specific degree of drying can be selected quickly and easily through the user-friendly interface. The selected mode is clearly indicated by LEDs.

BEKO MDi 12 Standard Features

  • Adjustable pressure dew point control
  • Integrated pre-filtration within the dryer assembly
  • Small footprint and easy installation
  • Achieves dew point within 10 minutes or less
  • A quiet, non-nuisance solution for ultra-dry air
  • Low-maintenance design – all you need to do is change the filter element

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
Products specifications
Connection Size3/8" NPT
Dimensions25" x 5.9" x 2.5"
Weight7.5 lbs
CFM @ 100 PSI12.55
Max Pressure (PSI)140
CFM Range1-12