Beko CLEARPOINT V300 Activated Carbon Adsorption Tower for Oil Removal, 1.5"NPT, 300cfm 4034711

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Beko CLEARPOINT V300 Activated Carbon Adsorption Tower for Oil Removal, 1.5"NPT, 300cfm 4034711

The BEKO V300 is an activated carbon filter that is rated to remove oil vapor down to .003mg/mg3 in an 300cfm compressed air system. The CLEARPOINT® V activated carbon adsorber is not only extremely efficient and reliable, but also very cost-effective. It has become an indispensable component in compressed air processing plants.

The CLEARPOINT® V activated carbon tower use a single pressure vessel, filled with an adsorption material to remove oil aerosol and oil vapor from the compressed air system. As the compressed air flows across the activated carbon, oil aerosol and oil vapor adsorb onto the surface and pores thus removing it.

The V300 activated carbon tower is rated to handle a maximum CFM flow of 300cfm. The inlet/outlet connections are 1.5" NPT. The dimensions are 16"W x 23"L x 77"H. BEKO's internal part number for this product is 4034711.

Features and Benefits - BEKO V300 Activated Carbon Tower

  • Virtually oil-free compressed air: The pre-dried, laboratory grade activated carbon used in CLEARPOINT V begins adsorbing oil immediately upon start-up with no wait time. This reduces oil content to .003mg/m3 (to ensure proper operation, a refrigerated air dryer and coalescing filter should be installed before the tower).
  • Optimzed flow: The unique curved inlet design provides the lowest possible differential pressure to ensure maximum energy efficiency across the entire range.
  • Maximum reliability: CLEARPOINT V vessels are highly optimized and engineered to factor in dynamic loads to the design to extend the lifetime of the unit, and your investment
  • Comprehensive line: With model sizes for applications from 80 to 2,800 scfm and up to 150 psig, our product line is comprehensive and highly competitive
  • Simple maintenance: Engineered for ease of use with top and bottom access ports to make both draining and filling a simple, easy maintenance procedure

How it works: Compressed air flows through a bed of high-grade, tightly packed activated carbon. Due to the high degree of microporosity and small, low volume pores the activated carbon  bed adsorbs compressor oil and contaminants as the compressed air comes into contact with the material. The adsorption process allows for easy generation of oil-free compressed air that provides outlet oil vapor concentrations of less than 0.003 mg/m3 that is better than Class 1 according to ISO 8573-1 (at 68 °F and 14.5 psia)

Activated carbon dust can travel downstream of the carbon tower. This dust may cause contamination to other components and equipment. We recommend a particulate post-filter to prevent carbon dust from traveling downstream.

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS