Beko 4025094 BEKOMAT 33 Automatic Zero Air Loss Condensate Drain, 115v, No-Loss Drain

SKU: 4025094
Part #: 4025094

BEKOMAT 33 No-Loss Automatic Condensate Drain - 4025094

Condensate is a by-product of the air compression process and can be aggressive, pollutant-loaded, and/or contain oil. It exists in every compressed air application and is something that must be continuously managed. Condensate drains remove the liquids and are an often overlooked component of the compressed air chain, yet when left unchecked can cause poor part quality, machine damage, and even bodily injury to employees. Drainage points are also one of the system areas where energy waste is highest.

Condensate discharge without compressed air loss

The BEKOMAT® drains off condensate without loss of compressed air, thus reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions. This is made possible by the integrated capacitive sensor, smart electronics for volume-controlled condensate discharge and the proven pilot-controlled solenoid valve.

The BEKOMAT 33 compressor drain can be added to any section in your compressed air system - on the bottom of receiver tanks, pipe drops, filtration and more.

The BEKOMAT® designed for quick and cost-effective servicing

The innovative design of the BEKOMAT 33 no-loss drain is optimized for easy handling, installation and maintenance. The device consists of no more than three assemblies joined together with quick-release connectors. Once installed, the control and sensor unit stays in place as only the service unit (including all wear and pressure parts) needs to be exchanged. This sturdy condensate drain is suitable for both oil-contaminated and oil-free, aggressive condensate.

A service indicator informs punctually about the upcoming maintenance and/or exchange for the service unit. All parts which are subject to wear or are pressurized can be reached with one manual movement. Neither electrical installations nor the installation of seals and individual parts are necessary. The installation concept is also particularly user-friendly and time-saving

The BEKOMAT33 drain uses 115v power and includes a power cord and plug. The internal factory part number is 4025094. This drain is rated to handle a 500cfm from an air compressor or up to 5,000 cfm if paired with an inline filter.

No loss of compressed air during draining

  • Low operating costs
  • Maximum energy savings is achieved from the patented operation that guarantees true zero air loss.

Outstanding reliability

  • Durable and resistant to dirt
  • Large valve diameters prevent the formation of emulsions
  • No delicate mechanical components
  • Suitable for temperatures up to +70 °C

Easy to install and virtually maintenance-free

  • Versatile connection options
  • Easy exchange of service unit, even where space is confirmed with even in small areas
  • Servicing requires no installation work

Automated operation and monitoring

  • Ready for integration into modern system monitoring installations
  • Automatic start of self-cleaning process based on dirt particle load
  • Service indicator warns operators in advance when the service unit needs to be replaced

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