Beko 4010719 QWIK-PURE 25 Oil Water Separator Filter Maintenance Kit

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BEKO QWIK-PURE 25 Oil Water Separator Filter Maintenance Kit - 4010719

The filter maintenance kit on the QUIK-PURE 25 oil water separator should be used when the water being discharged is cloud, the internal filter is clogged, or the unit is overflowing with condensate. Typically this filter should be replaced once per year.

The internal filter cartridge is called OEKOSORB filters which were designed for BEKO to ensure operational reliability.

Replacing the internal filters are easy on the QWIKPURE 25 service unit. Simply remove the lid and inlet pipe. Lift the old cartridge and wipe clean the internal tank. Install the new cartridge filter and re-install the lid, then simply pour clean water into the assembly. A complete instruction guide is included with the service kit.

4010719 is an OEM maintenance kit from BEKO.