BEKO 1 Micron CLEARPOINT 3eco 500cfm M020 General Purpose 2" NPT 4002898 Inline Compressed Air Filter

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BEKO M020 CLEARPOINT 3eco 500cfm 1 Micron General Purpose Inline Compressed Air Filter 4002898, 2" NPT

The BEKO M020 CLEARPOINT 3eco is a 500 cfm 1 micron compressed air filter designed to remove dust, debris, moisture and oil from your compressed air system. This is classified as an FX grade fine filter, rated to 1 micron particle removal and .05mg/m3 oil carryover remove. The M050 is one of the highest quality and advanced compressed air filter on the market. Taking advantage of new material and production technologies as well as a flow-optimised, corrosion-protected housing design,CLEARPOINT® 3eco provides safe and reliable filtration and a qualitative improved compressed air with considerably reduced operating costs. An automatic float drain is pre-installed to drain out the moisture automatically without the need of electricity or compressed air.

CLEARPOINT 3eco – Low Operating Costs by Utilising Optimised Differential Pressure:

The decisive factor when evaluating the service life costs for compressed air filters is the energy consumption which occurs during differential pressure. This differential pressure with the new CLEARPOINT® 3eco filter elements is particularly low. The energy consumption resulting from the filter hereby sinks by up to 50 % compared to standard filters on the market. The filters can be implemented as designed for energy efficient or performance  oriented.

Considerable cost reductions by utilising the new CLEARPOINT 3eco Generation:

The new CLEARPOINT® 3eco filter lowers the operating costs considerably more than standard compressed air line filters. The annual energy savings are sometimes even higher than the purchasing price for the filter elements. They also increase the process safety and efficiency accordingly.

The Tried and Tested Filter Housing with Energy Savings and Safety in Mind:

  • Multiple filter stages save space and are simple to assemble
  • Flow efficient air intake for the lowest possible pressure losses. Simple and rapid filter element exchange with Push-Fit-Design
  • Double-implemented trapezoidal thread for quick and secure assembly for the 16 bar version
  • Secured slide feed prevents inadvertent opening under pressure
  • Corrosion protected housing made of anodised, sea water resistant aluminium
  • Automatic float drain for moisture removal

Specifications - M020 4002898 General Purpose Filter:

  • CFM Rating - 500 cfm
  • NPT Connection - 2" NPT
  • Weight - 11.5 lbs
  • Dimensions - 6" x 6" x 21"
  • Max. operating pressure - 232 psig
  • Max. operating temperature - 140 °F