Ball Guide Cage

Part #: 196896
Availability: Low Stock
OEM Graco
Graco Paint Sprayer Ball Guide Cage - 196896

The ball guide cage sits below the piston valve and constrains the lower ball into the intake housing valve.

For use with the following paint sprayers:

Sprayer Model DescriptionModel NumberSeries Number
495 Duron Pro (Performance Plus or Pro)232990 
495 Duron Pro HiBoy (Performance Plus or Pro)232992 
495 ST PRO-Hi Complete232942 
495 ST PRO-Lo Complete232941 
495 ST PRO-Stand Mount232940 
695 Ultimate Mx Hi825000A
695 Ultimate Mx LO825002A
695 Ultimate Mx Hi Boy824910 
695 Ultimate Mx Lo Boy824912 
695 Ultra Hi boy (Pump 244195)246308Used 244195
695 Ultra Lo boy (Pump 244195)245309Used 244195
695 Ultra Max232910 
695 Ultra Max232911 
695 Ultra Max232912A,B
695 Ultra Max232913A,B
695 Ultra Max Hi boy245000A
695 UltraMax Hi boy245001A
695 Ultra Max Lo-boy245002A
695 Ultra Max Lo-boy245003A
695 Rental Hi Boy (245000 Sprayer)245050 
NOVA (new) HiBoy824922 
NOVA (new)-Stand824920 
NOVA-PRO HI boy824932 
295 ST233686A,B
NOVA-PRO Stand Mount824930 
SUPER NOVA-PRO Stand824940 
395 ST PRO-Hi Boy232922 
395 ST PRO-Stand Mount232920 
395 Duron Pro (Performance Plus or Pro)232970 
455 ST PRO-Hi Complete232932 
455 ST PRO-Lo Complete232931 
455 ST PRO-Stand Mount232930 
295 ST233686C
295 ST233823A,B

California Residents see Prop 65 WARNINGS
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