Atlas Copco Par Oil S Compressor Lubricant, 1 Gallon Replacement, 1630 0160 00 -A

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Atlas Copco Par Oil S Compressor Lubricant for Tow Behind Compressors, 1 Gallon Replacement, 1630 0160 00 -A

Our Atlas Copco Par Oil S replacement compressor oil is designed to be top off compatible with the Atlas Copco OEM lubricant. This is a synthetic ISO 46 grade oil that is rated to provide superior service while working in severe conditions. This rotary lubricant can be topped off if you are currently using Par Oil S lubricant in your air compressor. It can also be changed out when performing a complete service and filter change.

This rotary lubricant was commonly used in the Atlas Copco tow behind diesel compressors, most commonly the models that start with “XAS”, such as the XAS 185. If you are looking for replacement oil for the XAS tow behind compressor, Portland Compressor’s Par Oil S alternative is a great solution.

This is a premium rotary compressor lubricant designed to protect air compressors from wear and deposit formation inside the air compressor. The high flash point and excellent thermal stability are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of construction worksites.

Our replacement rotary screw compressor lubricant is proudly made in the USA.

The Atlas Copco part number for this oil in a 1 gallon pail is 1630 0160 00. The item number may sometimes be displayed as 1630016000 or 1630-0160-00. Our internal part number for this oil is PC46UC which will be reflected on your invoice. This is non-OEM oil but 100% top off compatible with OEM.