AIRnet Pipe Clip 3/4" Pack of 20

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Pack of 20 Pipe Clips for AIRnet 20mm 3/4” Blue Aluminum Air Compressor Pipe– 2811 1122 20

2811 1122 20 pipe clips are specifically designed to be used with the AIRnet 20mm or 3/4” blue aluminum air pipe. The clips come in a pack of 20. These clips are designed to secure the line piping to the wall. One end of the clip snaps around the pipe and the bottom portion has a 1/4” threaded port to thread a screw thorough.

These clips can be mounted to any surface and can hang the pipe horizontally and vertically along a wall or ceiling. They are also commonly secured to Unistrut.

The clips not only hold the pipe to the wall but they also push the piping out by approximately 1/2” to get around conduit or other wall imperfections. If the piping needs to be pushed out further, wall mount pipe clips spacers (link to 2811 0027 10) can be used in conjunction with the clips to extend the pipe further away from the wall by an addition 0.6”.

The factory recommends installing a pipe clip every 10’ of straight pipe. A clip should also be included within 6” of each fitting. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend budgeting 3 clips per stick of piping.

The part number may be displayed as 2811112220 or 2811-1122-20.

This air pipe clip is commonly sold by Atlas Copco Compressors, Chicago Pneumatic, and Quincy Compressors.

California Residents: Prop 65 WARNINGS
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