AIRnet 2811 4112 80 Quick Drop for 1.5" Aluminum Air Piping with 0.75" Threads

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AIRnet 2811 4112 80 Quick Drop Pipe Saddle Clamp for 1.5" Aluminum Air Piping with .75"Threads

The AIRnet quick drop fitting for aluminum air pipe is a drop fitting that converts their 1.5" 40mm air line piping to 3/4” NPT female threads. A small hole is drilled into the side of the air pipe and the quick drop fitting clamps around the hole. The clamp is o-ring sealed to prevent any air leaks. This allows for air to exit out of the side of the pipe or off the top, preventing moisture from getting sent directly into your air hose.

The quickdrop fitting is most commonly used for line drops to attach a standard air hose, but this can also be used to convert the AIRnet 1.5" aluminum pipe over to another piping style, such as black iron or copper. The part number may be displayed as 2811411280 or 2811-4112-80.

This air pipe fitting is commonly sold by Atlas Copco Compressors, Chicago Pneumatic, and Quincy Compressors.